Choose The Right Thong Panties For You

How To Choose The Right Thong Panties For You

Women can wear anything they want when it comes to intimates. But not every underwear made is suited for all women, as the thong. Such a tiny piece of clothing has that much power to give to the wearer’s self-esteem. The thin and delicate fabric doesn’t show under form-fitting clothes, and that it’d be comfortable enough to make you feel sexy. If you want to try wearing one, here are ideas for finding the right one for you.

Choose The Right Thong Panties For You 1

1. Look At It Just Like A Regular Panty

The thong’s fit is one of the most important considerations you need to look at. If you think that it has to look right, then it has to feel right for you too. You don’t want something too small that it’ll compromise your circulation down there. One of the cons of wearing thongs is that if your undergarment is very tight, such as shapewear, it may also discourage you from going to the bathroom even when you need to.

Just the same, anything that is too loose or bigger than your actual size could bunch up at the front. This is something you don’t want if you’re wearing a bodycon dress. It’s also worth noting that men who wish to gift lingerie to their loved ones should discuss what feels good to them.

You may also need to try a few styles to see which one is right for your situation at the moment. Some women who are currently undergoing recovery from a post-cesarian or C-section may not like low-waisted underwear as it rubs on their skin and may hinder scar recovery. If it’s causing you any discomfort, skip to the next one until you find what satisfies you.

2. Consider The Right Fabric Type

Your intimate parts deserve love and care, which is why the type of fabric that comes in contact with your skin must also be appropriate. It must let your skin breathe and help keep it clean. While thongs are a matter of preference, irritation is a factor that you must avoid at all costs.

Choose thong panties made with combinations of materials such as nylon, lace, or microfiber. It also helps to skip wearing this underwear while asleep as you may develop yeast infection later on.

When in doubt, look to the following tips: The fabric should partly be cotton and stretchable enough to accommodate different types of fit. The band should also be elastic to not dig and irritate the skin on your waist or hips.

3. Figure Out The Thong Style For You

Thong panties come in different styles and materials so that other women can try them. They’re made depending on where and during what occasion you want to use them. There are many brands like EBY thong panties that have a selection to fit the needs of different women. Some of them are listed below:

  • Classic or essential thong underwear covers and protects the front while the butt cheeks are exposed. It’s designed to go beneath the crotch and with a waistband attaches at the back.
  • Shaping thongs are designed by various brands to add compression to the tummy area.
  • G-Strings are oftentimes looked at as lingerie by most people. They’re usually made up of a willowy material in a triangular shape and only held by strings.
  • Frongs are designed with a skinny strip of material wherein the front also goes between the labia.
  • Fancy thongs are a class of thongs that are also made for various purposes. They may come in unusual material other than fabric, such as leather or pearls. Oftentimes, they have a luxurious make to it which can command a higher price tag.

4. Low Or High Rise

Buying the correct type of thong should correspond to the bottoms in your wardrobe and not the other way around. If your pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts are high-waisted, then it should make sense to purchase thong panties that are also high-waisted. Likewise, low-rising thongs are for low-waisted pants, skirts, and jeans.

The upper part of a high-waisted thong would creep upward past the band of your low-rise pants. In most cases, thongs are meant to stay hidden. If you care that it should not show up every time you bend over, you’ll need to try on specific pieces to find discreet ones. It’s one of those cases that you should not only care about finding what fits but also learning the proper way to wear one under a given outfit.

5. Choose The Appropriate Pattern Or Color

The point of wearing a thong is to wear something underneath that doesn’t show through your clothing. A thong’s color and print matter because some may appear when you’re wearing fabrics that are thin and almost see-through. Your pants’ color, as well as your jeans or skirt, is also significant. One perfect example would be a white skirt not hiding a loud-colored thong such as hot pink underneath.


Even if you’re a beginner, finding the right fit and style of thong panties shouldn’t be overwhelming. There are many kinds to choose from, and you can undoubtedly own multiple pieces that compliment your body. The important thing is that it feels good, and it helps boost your confidence.


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