Mens and Womens Ring

Is There a Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Rings?

Often, ring design does not make it clear whether it is made for a guy or a girl. In addition, there are many ‘couple rings’ or unisex models, suitable for both men and women. Such rings have the same design and the difference can only be told based on the size. Along with that, it is not that hard to identify whom a ring is intended for. Here are 6 tips that will help you recognize men’s rings and women’s!

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Rings

Difference Between Mens and Womens Rings

1. Look at the Stones

Precious and semiprecious stones often adorn rings. Looking at the color of a stone, you can try to determine for whom the ring is. For example, if a stone features light shades, then, most likely, it is made for women. Also, ladies gravitate towards colorful inlays, for instance, red rubies and garnets, blue sapphires, purple amethysts, and green emeralds. Men, on the other hand, prefer ‘calmer’ and darker colors (black onyx stones, for example). One thing is for sure – you won’t see male’s rings glistening with all the colors of the rainbow.

2. Look at the Size

Men’s fingers are normally thicker than women’s. In most cases, a pair of rings of the same or similar design will have a larger ring for a man. You can take a look at the men’s ring size charts to see the difference size-wise. Men’s rings range from 8 to 14 sizes. The most popular options will feature 9-11 sizes. At the same time, women’s models are crafted from 3 to 12 sizes, where 6-8 are the most typical ones.

3. Look at the design

Of course, there is a great variety of designs, which makes the task harder. Yet, if a ring features engraving, it may indicate that it belongs to the men’s collection. The design of this engraving and the words it carries will come in handy for your investigation. Most often, an engraving on a male ring is made in a fairly strict no-frills font. Girls, on the other hand, like fancy and swirly engravings.

4. Look at the metal

A metal ring is cast of also carries some useful information. Yellow or white gold, as well as silver, are quite versatile metals. They can be found in the wardrobes of both genders. At the same time, a man is unlikely to wear a ring made of rose gold.

5. Is it massive?

Normally, men’s rings are more massive, while women’s ones tend to be miniature. Sometimes even within the same collection, you can find more and less hefty rings. The weight and burliness of a ring, especially paired with other signs, will help you make a conclusion.

6. Ask a seller

Still, have doubts? Then ask a seller, it won’t bite. No matter where you want to buy a ring from, an actual or online store, sales reps should help you make the right choice.

But in general, does it matter whom a ring was made for if you liked it? Today, we blur the lines between men’s and women’s. It is ok to wear things designed for the opposite sex. If you are a girl who enjoys men’s jewelry or vice versa, then go for it!


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