I Love You Flower

How Many Ways Can You Say “I Love You?”

I Love You FlowerThroughout history there have been few things that have stood the test of time.  There have been only a few things that could be relied upon to show a true expression of how one feels about another.  No matter what culture it springs from or its origins we know that these things are expressions of our deepest feelings.  One of those special traditions that have stood the test of time is the giving of flowers.

Breaking with the norm

All through the year there are occasions to give flowers.  The traditional flower of love is the rose, however there are other flowers that can say exactly the same thing without following the crowd.  Have you ever thought about giving Valentines Day carnations this year instead of the same thing that everyone else is giving?  While it is true that the rose is the traditional flower of love, other flowers say a lot of things about how you want to say, “I love you.”

In breaking with the norm there are many things that you could say with flowers.  The carnation for example, means that you have a deep bond of affection for the person.  It not only expresses your love but the depth of it.

What are you really saying?

An orchid, one of the most beautiful and delicate flowers there is also represents love but in a refined and tender way.  This flower is one of the most cherished and beloved flowers all over the world.  Who can deny its appeal to all kinds of people around the globe?

Now, if you like a little mystery in your life you might want to give the Acacia flower.  This means secret love.  So, if there is someone that you are admiring from afar this may be the way to let them know that you are there.  Who knows?  You may get a bouquet of Ambrosia in return.  Ambrosia means “reciprocated love.”

For those who have been together for many years, the thought of expressing an undying love may be much more appealing.  For this you need to give the purple and white Anemone.

Choosing the Right Florist

Giving flowers has proven to be a time tested tradition that has been accepted in nearly every country of the world.  It says more than just “I love you.”  It expresses the depth of your feeling and the endurance of your relationship.  So, when you are ready to buy those flowers you need to care just as much about the florist you use to provide those memories.

When the flowers you send on Valentine’s Day are the freshest, straight from the harvest, the colors are brighter and richer.  The message you send is clearer.  The memories of your time together will not fade away after only a day or two.  Online florists like GlobalRose.com can give you a wide variety of flowers to choose from that can ensure that you get those lasting precious moments together.

Whether you are looking for the old traditional way to say “I love you” or you are looking for a new message to relay, finding a florist that can say it in a way that sets you apart will make your special day even more romantic.


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