Diamond Engagement Rings

Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings

When you first start shopping for diamond engagement rings, the range of choice and the many options that await you can seem baffling and incredibly challenging. You will need to get to grips with the four Cs and learn to understand the difference in various settings. You will need to choose between metals like gold and platinum and you will need to do all of this while ensuring that you find a design that you are happy with or that you know your fiancée will truly cherish.

Cost is obviously an important factor. Once upon a time, the rough guide was that an engagement ring should cost around the equivalent of two months’ wages but it is no longer necessary to conform to this guide. Rings can vary greatly in their cost although you should expect to pay more for a high quality and beautifully designed ring. Your engagement ring will become a semi-permanent fixture on your finger so it is absolutely essential that you choose one you are genuinely besotted with.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Bespoke Ring Design

If you are struggling to find the design or the combination of metal and stones that you really want then you can have a bespoke ring created for you. You choose the metal, the stones, the setting, and everything else about the design and a professional jeweller will create a beautifully finished and highly appealing ring that is testament to the love you have for your partner. An engagement ring is a deeply romantic item and it should be extra special.


The most common choice of metal used to create engagement rings is white gold. The shiny finish of the metal is ideal for combining with a diamond and it offers a stunning finish that is different to most other metals. Another popular choice is platinum which also has a silver finish but is denser and tougher than white gold. It is also more expensive but is widely deemed to be worth the extra cost. The final choice, though, will depend on your personal preference.

diamond engagement ring


The cost of diamond engagement rings is largely governed by the diamond itself. A brilliantly cut, pure white diamond with few or no inclusions or imperfections is very rare and can be very expensive but it is an investment as well as a beautiful addition to an engagement ring. Even while stocks and traditional investments have dipped in recent years, fine jewellery, diamonds, and alternative investments of this nature have continued to perform admirably.

Other Stones

Of course, diamonds aren’t the only precious stones that can be used to create beautiful looking and timelessly designed rings and jewellery. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are some of the other stones that may also be used to create a beautiful looking engagement ring. It is also possible to combine these to create a unique and beautiful looking ring.

Bespoke Ring Design


Do consider the cost of the engagement ring. While you almost certainly want the best looking ring you can buy, you also need to ensure that you can reasonably afford to buy it. With that said, you will only ever own a single engagement ring so you shouldn’t scrimp either. Considering you are likely to own the ring in many years to come you should also ensure that you pick something with a design and look that will still appeal to you in years to come.

Valuation And Insurance

Get a valuation for your ring and ensure that it is insured. Diamond rings are unusual because of how often and for how long we tend to wear them. Whereas with most fine jewellery we tend to take it off at night, when going to work, and on other occasions, the engagement ring is different and we are inclined to wear this for longer periods. A good quality diamond ring should be insured and this may not be covered on your standard home contents insurance.

Diamond engagement rings are the ultimate sign of love and commitment. If you are unable to find the design and combination of materials that you desire then you can have a bespoke ring created according to your specification so that you can enjoy exactly the design that you want from a ring that you will be wearing for many years to come.


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