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Tips To Follow When Going For A Bridal Makeup Look

A profession in make-up is one of the most glamorous careers all around the world. Though there are numerous domains of this job-profile, yet bridal make-up is considered as one of the most frequent and consistent domains of them all. If a make-up artist gets it done right, he/she gets quick responses from all around the surrounding.

A wedding is a paramount day for any women. She wants the best look on her wedding day. So, there are many professionals who actually prefer to go for a heavy make-up to make the bride impeccable, but there are those brides as well who don’t like to be heavily painted. They want their natural beauty to illustrate the day. I call it “The Nude make-up”. Well, don’t go in the complexity of the wordplay here. A thin make-up can really highlight the inner beauty of a woman if done correctly.

The skill requirements for this type of make-up is of PRO level. Here, I seriously mean you to join a make-up class in Singapore if you are so keen to make your career in bridal makeup artistry.

“It’s 90% Mind Reading & 10% Artistry”

Well, yes I really mean it. Mind reading is never easy and never will be. It is an art to capture and imagine exactly the way a person is explaining. As a make-up artist, you need to understand the psyche of your prospective client and this is the reason I always emphasize on taking make-up classes because this is the place where you will learn all about it.

Anyways, in the next section of this post, I am giving you some tips that will help you to understand the level of complexity that a make-up artist always encounters.

Let’s get you started,

Tips To Give A Natural Bridal Look!!!

So, here in this section, I will offer you some of the tips that will help you to understand the real job of a make-up artist. These tips are usually practiced by most of the successful bridal make-up artist to successfully conduct the job they are given.

Here you go,

Talk About Their Routine

For a natural make-up, you need to understand the nature of your client. It is not as complex as it may look, however, there are certain things that can really cause a blunder if they are not attended cautiously. So, keep up with me on this.

Imagine a girl, who doesn’t like the look of an eyeliner under her eyes. Will giving her eyes the eyeliner look will make her feel better? Well, of course, you know the answer, obviously no. There is absolutely no chance that she would appreciate your work especially the work of eyeliner.

So, you need to understand that communicating with your client will help you to get along with the things. If she feels that things you have done are with her looks are not comforting, she will never appreciate it. See, that is the thing with a natural bridal makeup, you have to make the bride feel like now she looks like herself, “The Best Version”. So, communicate and read her mind.

Ask Them To Bring Their Products

This is really important that you perfectly understand the tastes of your client. Remember, she wants a natural look, and a natural look will not attain by something unnatural. You need to understand her usual looks, her product usage, her color choices. To bring her real beauty out, you cannot experiment with her taste.

Understand her to look in terms of color choices and product choices she makes in her day to day life. Well, of course, that is a task one cannot hone in one day or one week. That is the reason I emphasize on make-up classes in the first place.

Peek Into Some Of Their Old Photographs

As an artist, you love inspiration, right? Well, if you don’t then what is there to say. Anyways, I know you do love so, asking for their old photographs can really help you to grasp the inspiration where your client will look the best on her. This helps you to cater the exact look she always wanted to attain in her photographs.

Define “Pretty”

Now, the most challenging task is to those women who have a hard time expressing herself. Believe me, I have seen a lot. So, you need to be illustrative with her and explain to her what exactly “Pretty” mean. Then ask her own definition of the word “Pretty”. This will help you to understand her stance and will help you to provide the exact look she dreamt of or even prettier than that.

So, these tips will help you when you take a task of a natural bridal make-up. But the real question still exists, is it really that easy?

A big no. There are many in-detail scenarios which you cannot understand without creating a scenario. And that scenario is best created in a make-up class with some seasoned make-up artists.


Sasha Parker works as Makeup Tutor and Blogger at “The School Of Make-up” which offers Makeup Class. She has been blogging for several years about the makeup trends and tips. She is a voracious follower of fashion week and loves to share all about it.