Natural Diamonds
Natural Diamonds

What are the types of diamonds?

There are two types of diamonds that I have mentioned below.

Types of the diamonds:

  1. Natural Diamonds
  2. Synthetic Diamonds

a. Natural Diamonds:

Natural diamonds are usually white in color. Scientifically natural diamonds are categorized as Type I and Type II diamonds.

Natural Diamonds
Natural Diamonds

Type I Diamonds:

The most common class contains nitrogen atoms as their main impurity.

Type II Diamonds:

Diamonds have no measurable nitrogen impurities. This type diamonds were formed under extremely high pressure for longer period of time. The crystals as found tend to be large and irregular shapes.

Natural Diamonds come in wide rage of colors such as pink, champagne, purple, blue, black, yellow, green etc…

Here only 20%of the naturally occurring diamonds are used in Jewellery creations.

b. Synthetic Diamond:

Due to their hardest synthetic diamonds are used in industrial use like These diamonds are normally produced by a process called high pressure high temperature synthesis. The graphite is subjected to very high pressure and temperature and this acts as a catalyst in the conversion of graphite into diamond. These diamonds are extremely small in size and may not be superior quality.

Synthetic Diamonds
Synthetic Diamonds


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