Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

10 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Leading Ladies Will Love

Being a bridesmaid is a big honor, but let’s be honest — it’s not an easy job. Not only is it a huge commitment of time and money, but there is also a significant amount of pressure on your bridesmaids to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

While they may not be nearly as stressed out as you are about your big day, it’s still a lot for them to take onto their plate. Giving each member of your bridal party a special gift is a small but thoughtful way to show how much you appreciate them being by your side.

Want to give them something they’ll love and cherish for years to come? We’ve rounded up the best bridesmaid gifts that your leading ladies are sure to adore:

1. Jewelry

What girl doesn’t love receiving jewelry? Get your bridesmaids a pair of elegant earrings with a matching necklace or bracelet that they can wear for any special occasion.

Find a pair of lovely drop dangle earrings that come in a cute customizable box. Depending on the neckline of her dress, you can choose either a matching necklace or chic bracelet to complete the look.

2. Matching Robes

As adorable as the “Team Bride” shirts may be, your maids are never going to wear them after your wedding. Instead, opt for bridal accessories they can wear long after your wedding day.

Your crew will love receiving beautiful silk robes they can wear to get ready for the ceremony. After the big day, they can use them for lounging around the house.

3. Pajama Set

Another cozy gift to give your crew is a set of matching pajamas. For stunning pre-wedding photos, make sure to buy yourself a pair in pure white while your girls get gorgeous florals or stripes.

When shopping for pajama sets, take your cue from the season. If you’re a cold weather bride, get them cozy flannel PJs that will keep them warm on blustery winter days.

On the other hand, for more fun and youthful vibe, you can get her adult onesies at You can’t go wrong with the broad array of styles and fabrics that you can choose from.

4. Bridesmaid Gift Box

No idea what to get your maids? Take the stress out of finding that one perfect gift and give them a fabulous bridesmaid gift box.

They will be thrilled to open a personalized bridesmaid gift box featuring fun items such champagne flutes, a confetti push pop and a fortune cookie with a fortune that reads, “Thank You for Being My Bridesmaid.”

5. Pashmina

Your entire crew will be grateful for a warm and chic pashmina. Luxurious and functional, pashminas will complement your bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly whiling keeping the chill away.

A wedding pashmina can be light and delicate or heavier for winter weddings. Keep the season and the time of day in mind while you shop for the ideal wrap to drape over your bridesmaids.

6. Personalized Makeup Bag

Your leading ladies will get plenty of use out of a stylish cosmetic bag. To add a personal touch, consider having it embroidered with their name and fill it with a few of their must-have makeup essentials.

7. Clutch

If you have a lot of bridesmaids, the price of their gifts can quickly add up. Save yourself from burning a hole in your wallet with chic and trendy clutches available on Etsy.

For just a few bucks a pop, you can get one for each of your bridesmaids and fill it with wedding day essentials like tissues and mints. Plus, you can customize it with their monogram to make it their own.

8. Professional Hair and Makeup

Not every bride can afford to pay for their bridesmaids’ hair and makeup, but it’s always appreciated. Paying to have your bridesmaids’ hair and makeup professionally done will ensure that everyone looks amazing in your photos.

Plus, you get to spoil your crew for a day. They will love being pampered before the wedding and will be extremely grateful for such a thoughtful gesture.

9. Tote Bag Filled with Goodies

While a tote bag may seem like a simple gift, it’s also one that the ladies will use for years to come. You can have lots of fun with this gift by stuffing personal items in each tote.

For instance, you can fill the bag with fun socks that depict their favorite animal or food. This is a fun reminder that you know your gals better than anyone else.

Tote bags can be loaded with useful items such as personalized tumblers, a makeup compact or a cozy, monogrammed blanket. Not only will this give your bridesmaids plenty of fun mementos to remind them of your big day, but they’re also sure to get lots of use out of each item.

10. Spa Treatment

Depending on the age of your bridesmaids, they may already be overloaded with wedding items from previous bridal duties. Instead of giving them more stuff, why not gift them an experience?

Treating your gals to a mani/pedi will delight the bridesmaids who have no use for the typical bridesmaid trinkets. Getting your girls pampered will also ensure that their toes and hands look amazing for your wedding day.

Don’t Forget to Add a Personal Touch!

The best gifts for bridesmaids are those that demonstrate how much their friendship means to you. Although your besties are sure to love all the gifts here, it never hurts to add a handwritten note to accompany each gift.

In your note, express how grateful you are for their friendship and support. Try to include a funny anecdote or something that reminds them of your special bond. This small addition may seem unimportant, but it will mean so much to your bridesmaids.


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