Wedding White Dresses

10 Stunning Alternatives to Traditional Wedding White

Wedding White DressesWalking down the aisle is a white wedding dress has never been in your dream. In fact, you do not want to wear a white wedding gown at all. What are some alternatives to the pure wedding white that many people have grown used to?

1. Diamond White

Some ladies do not like white because it just does nothing for their skin. However, diamond white is a softer color that still channels the same image in a more beautiful way.

2. Ivory

If you do not want to veer too far away from white but want something a little bit different, then you can choose an ivory shade.

3. Black

Perhaps your wedding has a darker theme to it. Even if you do not want to wear a black ballgown, a cocktail dress is certainly appropriate if that’s what you want.

4. Light Blue

When you still want to channel a feeling of purity and innocent, a light blue or a powder blue can really be the way to go.

5. Red

To make a bold statement when you walk to meet your future husband, choose this color that is sure to catch the eye of the guests who are in attendance.

6. Baby Pink

For the bride who wants to be a vision of femininity without conforming to traditional standards, baby pink is absolutely a suitable color.

7. Lavender

Are you having a wedding outside in the garden? To channel the true feelings of nature and to be more in touch with all of the beautiful florals, look to a lavender shade.

8. Yellow

Ah, how beautiful yellow truly is! Ladies who want those soft touches without looking traditional at all can choose a yellow wedding dress. It’s still light and airy and reminds people that you are the bride.

9. Light Grey

Here we have another shade that does not get too bright and bold but is still strong enough to make it known what your desires are as a strong woman.

10. Peach

You might be able to find a peach that is so light it actually looks a little bit like ivory. If you are looking to pick a dress that is a blend of tradition and your own personal style, then peach is certainly a good choice for you.

You may decide to have your entire dress done in a color that is not white, or you could also opt to have bits of your favorite shade infused throughout the dress to combine a few different elements.


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