Gifts for Special Days

Special Jewelry Makes Great Gifts for Special Days

Gifts for Special DaysGifts of jewelry have been traditional at least since the beginnings of recorded history. When the Romans looted Egypt, Cleopatra was caught trying to hold back some of her jewelry. The Egyptian queen maintained that the pieces were intended as gifts for Caesar’s wife and sister. Latter-day occasions abound for special gifts of jewelry as tokens of sincere affection and admiration, and these gifts are often personalized to link them to the particular date.

Weddings and Anniversaries

The ultimate jewelry gift, the one she will wear throughout her married life, is a bride’s wedding ring. This may be part of a set, paired with a matching engagement ring. Sometimes a wedding band for the groom is also part of the package. The bride’s engagement ring traditionally sports a gorgeous diamond, but the inside of the band is where the heartfelt sentiment is found: the initials, perhaps a short message, and the date that the couple’s married life began. The wedding couple may not be the only recipients of jewelry on the wedding day: bridesmaids and groomsmen often receive small gifts, and items like pendants, earrings or tie clips are particularly appropriate.


Through the year, holidays offer a chance to present a loved one with a gift of jewelry. Valentine’s Day is a classic occasion for a present to dazzle the eyes and win the heart of the loved one, and Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to offer Mom a gift of thanks for all she does. Jewelry set with the birthstone of each of the recipient’s children is particularly thoughtful. Father’s Day lets families offer the same sort of gift of appreciation to Dad. Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day are great times for presents of jewelry to the soldiers, sailors and veterans in our lives.


Graduates are starting a new phase of their lives, whether the school they are leaving is college, high school, junior high or even kindergarten, and their special day deserves to be remembered. Fond parents or grandparents can surprise a son or daughter with a small piece of jewelry to wear to the graduation ceremony. A group of friends may design a special bracelet for a new graduate with charms representing her new career as well as one commemorating the day of her graduation.

Sweet sixteen, quinceañera and other birthdays

Whether it is the bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah, the sweet sixteen or the quinceañera or any other birthday, the celebrant will welcome a new piece of jewelry. A young girl may get her first pearls or a ring or bracelet inscribed with the date. Youngsters celebrating b’nai mitzvah are a bit younger at thirteen. They might like less formal jewelry, either a piece with a Jewish theme or something that commemorates the birth date itself, like a moonglow moon bracelet that depicts the moon phase for that date.

Christenings, first communion and confirmation

Rites of passage of a particular religious congregation are natural occasions for a jewelry gift. Religious medals and pendants can make a personal statement, as can a thoughtfully chosen rosary. B’nai mitzvah, the celebrations of Jewish children’s’ thirteenth birthdays, are also good times to give carefully selected jewelry. The parents of a child being christened will appreciate baby jewelry.

Special days are the occasions for special gifts. A gift of jewelry shows not only how special the recipient is, but also how thoughtful the donor is. Try a gift of jewelry for the next special occasion, and watch a loved one’s eyes light up.


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