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Celebrating the Rise of Wedding & Engagement Rings for Women

You’re very sure that the two of you are meant to be together. But how do you go about getting cheap wedding rings and engagement rings for women. Because, let’s face it, men have it easy in the jewelry department. There are no men’s engagement rings to choose from & wedding bands for men are pretty simple & quite plain.  I call that very unfair. Women have to parade around a sign of their fidelity and love right from the moment a man proposes; not to mention the sheer aura of ‘I’ve done it’.

Celebrating Bridal Jewelry

Engagement Rings for WomenThe only reason I think engagement rings for women and cheap wedding rings are popular bridal jewelry is that women love jewelry. Weddings are a way of celebrating our love of jewelry. Round cut and princess shapes are the top engagement ring styles for women. Though the halo-cut is still popular, and the heart & trillion-cut center stones were the least popular.

Romantic Gemstones

While a lot of women choose white gold, platinum, palladium or its cheaper alternative stainless steel, sterling silver is much neglected. Though it’s true that stainless steel doesn’t tarnish, it doesn’t have the same romantic allure that silver wedding rings or engagement rings for women have. Women see men who give them bigger diamond rings as more appreciative of them. But it’s not necessarily true. You can wear gemstone engagement ring and look uniquely stylish.

Be Unique

What’s more wearing a rare ruby or emerald engagement ring is way better than wearing those nondescript engagement rings for women, which may be man-made or even mined in suspicious circumstances. Wearing diamond engagement rings is the result of a successful campaign by the De Beers Company or as it’s known today, the Diamond Trading Company. With the South African diamond mining and trading industry under its control De Beers, went on to control the world’s diamond trade.

Diamonds Endure

Wedding Gold RingDiamonds became the norm in wedding rings and engagement rings for women. Before the 1930s, not many women received engagement rings, if they did; they were mostly embellished with gemstones like rubies or emeralds. Diamonds were truly held to be rare & precious so not many people could afford diamonds. The De Beers Company showed people that tinier diamonds were great too. They showed people that cheap wedding rings decorated with diamonds only cost a couple of months’ salary.

Micro diamonds and S-J grade of diamonds were marketed as these were cheap and not considered worthy of attention by the diamond industry. The diamonds started to be cut for brightness, above color, carat or clarity. While traditional or antique diamonds were prized for their colorlessness. Color became a very big part of the modern diamond trade.

Cheap is Good!

Cheap wedding rings with diamonds and gemstones are now a part of mass culture. It’s so ingrained that most people believe that the practice of gifting diamond cheap wedding rings for women has existed since time immemorial. Maybe giving gifts to the woman you want to impress has found a great outlet in giving diamond engagement rings to women nowadays.


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