Free or Almost Free Proposal Ideas

5 Inexpensive, Free or Almost Free Proposal Ideas

We are living in a world where we have to be careful about what to spend much and what to save money on. These are some ways in which men can propose without straining their pockets. Men get nervous when it comes to proposing to a girl they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Will she say yes, or will she reject me? Maybe a big and fancy proposal will blow her mind then she will have to say yes. The good thing about proposals is that the cost is not a big deal. The best proposals are those that are bringing two people together that really love each other and want to be together. If you are having these struggles, then it is time you know that an inexpensive proposal can be beautiful as well as mind-blowing.

Here are five inexpensive and almost free proposal ideas.

1. The place you met her

Apart from the ring you buy her, this will literary cost nothing. Maybe you will have to pay a few bucks to get her to the target place but then it won’t leave you in debts or stressed about money. This proposal idea will make any lady that loves you accept your proposal. Who said all expensive proposals were a success anyway?

The first thing you will have to do is get your woman to the beach, marker, or any other platform that you met her. Do all the fun things and make sure she is in a good mood. She has to be cheerful because we all know women are unpredictable especially when they are pissed. She is happy, you are doing fun things and you don’t want the moment to end. This is the pick of your moment. Get innovative. You can quickly bury your wedding ring then step on it.

Then get her by your side and let her know how much she means to you and the depth of your love to her. Girls treasure what their guys tell them so you’ll have her where you want her. Pretend something pricked your feet and bend to find out what it is… isn’t this a free yet unique proposal?

2. Perhaps the movies?

How expensive could the movies be? You are going to propose to this girl you really like so you obviously know her. Buy movie tickets to a movie you think will fascinate her; in this case, you should choose a good romantic movie with a happily ever after theme.

Maybe the two of you have a favorite movie place, the goal is to do what the two of you enjoy doing and make everything look normal. She should have no clue of what is about to happen because the surprise element is what makes a proposal monumental. You buy her popcorn, flavored just the way she likes it. This way you will be guaranteed that she will make a pig of herself. When she gets to the ring you planted at the bottom of her delicious popcorn then Kneel down and pop the question. What makes you think this girl will reject your proposal?

The fact that you spend almost nothing but get to be the center of attraction in a movie theater and go home with a fiancée is thrilling right?

3. Girls and roses

The thing about proposals is that you have to be creative. You may be doing basic things but a tiny bit of creativity ups your game. Call your girlfriend and make something up. You can say you got into a tiny accident and you can’t move. Of course, she loves you and she cares so she will definitely show up. She will be so worried and anxious and that is what will make what follows to be fascinating.

Your girlfriend will get to your place as soon as she can and open the door hastily but when she sees the rose petals, she would probably be confused. Following the rose petals into your room she will be alarmed because you will be lying helplessly on the floor. She rushes to you distressed and you try moving while making noises to insinuate you are in pain.

You finally manage to get on your knees and propose… the yes will be accompanied by overwhelming tears of joy. Yet you just spend money on rose petals!

4. A meal and a ring

This is the easiest and most romantic way to propose to someone you love. Buy her a lovely dress and take her out to a nice and fancy place. Remember the goal here is to spend as little as possible and have time to remember.

You order her favorite for her and excuse yourself. You get to the waiter who attended to you and tip him so he can slide the engagement ring into your girlfriend’s desert. Your girlfriend is probably going to try to eat the ring. Taking it out of her mouth will surprise her and she would be speechless. You will get her to say yes without really trying that hard.

5. Karaoke…

This is another unique way to ask your girl to be your spouse. All you need is a stranger maybe not to you but to your girlfriend. The singer has to be so good because everyone’s attention should be directed to him. You can pay the singer and instruct him on how you want the proposal to be. A good way to make this mind-blowing is by making sure the stranger sings a song that the two of you love- your song. If you don’t have a song then he or she can sing a song that will make somebody want to marry somebody. Let’s say you agree that the Karaoke singer does Ed Sheeran’s perfect.

That’s definitely a song that will not only draw people’s attention but will set them into a romantic mood. Right after the song, the singer asks your girlfriend to marry you. Since she was so drawn into the beautiful singing, she will turn and find you kneeling. She is the center of attraction and the sensual mood that has been created will make her jump into your arms and shout yes!


Proposals don’t have to feel like a burden to men. Using any of these tips a man can propose to his woman without the need for unnecessary exaggeration and much spending. Getting married comes with a lot of financial burdens. It is better to save money and spend on useful things like your future kid’s education.


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