Men Wont Get Emotionally Attached

7 Reasons Why Some Men Won’t Get Emotionally Attached

Men and women are evolutionally different, in body, mind, and behavior. They do things differently, particularly when it comes to relationships. While women tend to get too involved too quickly, men take their time. Perhaps, this is the reason that many of them are unable to get emotionally attached to their partners. However, you cannot just blame genetics in every case. There could be several different reasons for some men being emotionally unavailable.

Let’s try and understand some of these reasons.

1. He’s A Born Player

If a man is not consistent about his feelings, he’s probably a born player and relishes moving from one relationship to another. If he seems to send mixed signals, disappearing as suddenly as he connects, he’s not the one who will ever get emotionally attached to you.

2. He Prioritizes His Work Over Everything Else

Another type of male who will never get emotionally involved in a relationship is the workaholic. Such men prioritize work and career over everything else, be it family, relationships, or friends. It is better to keep a distance from them because they seldom change.

3. He Has A Troubled Past In Relationships

The acclaimed relationship and intimacy coach Giordana Toccaceli identifies a troubled past as one of the major causes of men being emotionally unavailable. She says that men are not as good as women at handling rejection and failure in the intimate relationship. This is the reason that they tend to close themselves emotionally and just cannot be intimate in the future too.

4. He Is Financially Insecure

The male race has always been the “breadwinner”, which is the reason that men want to be financially secure before getting into relationships. Someone who is not stable with money would prefer to keep out because he subconsciously considers himself to be unfit for the responsibilities involved.

5. He Has Family Issues

Another reason that some men do not get emotionally attached is due to family issues. Those who have been through a traumatic childhood with separated parents are most likely to have relationship phobia. Similarly, men with interfering parents or siblings find it tough to get involved with someone, fearing rejection from the family.

6. He Is A Perfectionist

A man who is a perfectionist will have very high standards and expectations when it comes to looking for a partner. The chances of finding someone who matches those standards and expectations are limited. Perfectionism turns out to be a cause of inability to get emotionally involved in relationships.

7. He Is Too Independent

If someone is too independent and wants to enjoy his freedom, he will never let anyone in. Such men prefer shallow, physical relationships and never get attached with partners on an emotional level.

Before getting involved with a man, a woman should try to gauge his emotional availability. Men who are not ready to get connected on an emotional level are seldom serious about relationships. This is important because being with some who wants to be only physical can lead to meaningless relationships which always end on a painful note.


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