Black Diamond Rings
Black Diamond Rings

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What is Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are not found in the traditional diamond mines. Some of the geologists believe that the Black Diamonds came from none other than interstellar space.  The symbolic meaning of the color black is authority and power. Black Diamonds, also called “Carbonado” diamonds. “Black” diamonds are not truly black, in color, but rather contain numerous dark inclusions that give the gems their dark appearance. Black Diamonds seem to have a hardness that exceeds conventional diamonds due to the fact they do not cleave along crystal plains. The Black diamonds are very rare and found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

While loose Black Diamonds can create an interesting and memorable earrings, bracelets, necklaces and of course engagement rings and eternity rings are the most popular types of Jewelry.

Famous Rare Black Diamonds:-

The following diamonds are famous rare black diamonds in the world.

  • The Amsterdam Diamond
  • The Black Orlov (aka Orloff)) or Eye of Brahma
  • The  Gruosi diamond
  • The Korloff Noir
  • The Table of Islam

This rare Black Diamond’s of African origin is reported to be completely black. It weighs 33.74 carats, has 145 facets and was cut from a 55.85-carat rough. The stone is cut in a pear shape, with horizontally split main facets on the crown. This gem is considered one of the best quality diamonds ever to come into existence. The black Amsterdam Diamond was first exhibited in 1973 at D. Drukker & Zn., Amsterdam.

Where to Buy Black Diamonds Online?

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Choose or Buy Black Diamonds Online for Gifts:

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Black Diamond Ring Tri Tension
Black Diamond Ring Tri Tension
2 carat Black Diamond Stud Earrings
2 carat Black Diamond Stud Earrings
Black Diamond Ring Snowflake
Black Diamond Ring Snowflake
Black Diamond Rings
Black Diamond Rings

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