Complete Guide for Women Engagement Rings 1

Complete Guide for Women Engagement Rings

If you have found the one and are planning on popping the big question, getting the perfect engagement ring is a step in the right direction towards a life of marital bliss. For one thing, engagement rings depict true love, life-long commitment, and the beautiful years ahead. So, shopping for one is by no means an easy feat, as there is a wide range of considerations involved.

First, you must come to terms with the Four C’s: clarity, color, carat, and cut. Also, you must understand the pricing, best time to order, warranty, fluorescence, brilliance, and the anatomy of your engagement ring. So, if you look forward to popping the question soon, you might want to read this guide to getting your ideal engagement ring.

1. Four C’s

The Four C’s is a term adopted by experts who grade a diamond. The Four C’s represent the clarity, color, cut, and carat. Each of the terms mentioned above plays a critical role in how well your engagement ring will suit the occasion. Here is a brief description of each:

  • Clarity: Clarity depicts flaws in the diamond structure or surface. Measuring clarity is easy, as most diamonds with fewer flaws tend to gleam faster and reflect light better than diamonds with many flaws. Knowing how to check for clarity will help you with the pricing.
  • Cut: On the other hand, cut measures how well your diamond interacts with light. In recent times, there are mathematical standards that can give exact measurements.
  • Color: Understanding the color is very important if you wish to purchase high-quality diamond engagement rings. The color show how yellow or clear a diamond ring is. There are color measurement standards ranging from color D to Z. The D variants tend to be colorless, while color Z may be light yellow or brown. In most instances, people find the yellow rings undesirable.
  • Carat: Carat signifies the weight of your diamond. It is the easiest to understand. The majority of the world’s cut diamonds always weigh less than 1carat.

The relevance of these aspects cannot be over-emphasized. Therefore, if you seek to purchase a memorable engagement ring for your loved ones, it is pertinent for you to understand them.

2. Longevity

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, you must seek one that mirrors a lifetime of commitment to your spouse. In this context, you consider her favorite color, design, and style. It is also essential that you consider the simplicity of design. Engagement ring with intricate designs tends to show more damage than rings with simple designs.

Also, if you are considering getting a ring that can stand the test of time, you might want to consider the type of precious metal used in its design. The most popular precious metals include platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. While all precious metals can show damage over time, some tend to offer more durability than others.

Finally, it is necessary to examine the lifetime warranty of your engagement ring and have quality insurance for your engagement ring. Please be careful not to mistake both concepts. In most instances, the warranty includes maintenance plans, protection against wear and tear. Meanwhile, your insurance package protects your ring from accidents, theft, or losses. Regardless of their obvious differences, both warranty and insurance can ensure longevity for your engagement rings. You can also clean your diamond engagement ring from time to time at home.

3. Custom Built Engagement Rings

It is normal not to find an engagement ring that suits your specific tastes or standards. However, once you find yourself in this position, you can always opt for a custom-made engagement ring. Having a custom-built engagement ring means you can spare yourself the extra cost and give your spouse a unique engagement ring. Furthermore, you are at liberty to create something unlike any other that reflects your partner’s style. Also, a custom-built engagement ring reflects your commitment to your partner and can go a long way in fostering a stronger relationship.

You must take some time to study her style, preferences. She may like one of those vintage engagement ring styles. Finally, with the passing of time, you can pass down this unique custom-built engagement ring to the future generation as a family heirloom.

4. Shape and settings

If you seek a high-quality engagement ring for your spouse, understanding your ring shape and settings will go a long way in affording you a quality engagement ring. The shape shows the cut of your diamond’s center stone. Knowing the shape allows you to make informed choices when you set out to pick an engagement ring.

There are various shapes for your engagement rings, namely: round, pear, marquise, oval, etc. Every shape reveals something about you, your personality, and your style.

Settings, on the other hand, depict the style and occasion. They include vintage, classic, unique, modern, amongst others.

5. Price

When it comes to pricing an engagement ring, there are no clear-cut rules. Regardless, you should opt for an engagement ring within your budget. Also, you should be sure that the ring you opt for is worth the price. For example, a custom-built engagement ring should be cheaper when compared to a general engagement ring.


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