Bold Lips

Fall Beauty Tips: 5 Sexiest Autumn Makeup Tips To Try This Fall

Fall is around the corner and with it, comes the cooler, crisper weather. And with fall comes fall makeup, which is very lovely. This is especially so because it comes after several months of slippery eyeliner and melted mascara. Although fall is most commonly associated with smokey eyes and heavy makeup, this year tends to be a little different. Makeup trends are more relaxed, and what you are likely to see are elements spanning from different decades. They include relaxed braid and hair that reminds you of the 70’s and also the more intricate nail art which immediately reminds one of the 80’s.

The Bold Lip

Bold LipsA deep, bold lip speaks the loudest about the fall than any other makeup tip. Ensure that you make your lips the central point of your makeup. The best thing is to go for neutral blush, subdued eyes and semi-matte skin.


  • Red lips appear best when the eye tones are neutral and in shades of taupe, cream or chocolate.
  • In case you wear red lipstick, which borders on the blue red or burgundy, you should try Smokey eyes in shades of grey or pewter.
  • There are quite a lot of options when it comes to choosing red lipstick options. The option of deep red laid out in matte finish gives a long lasting and quite sophisticated appearance.
  • On the other hand, sheer red is not only fresh but also offers perfect softer look.

Matte Skin

Matte SkinBid farewell to spring and summer’s dewy looks. Fall is all to do with a matte finish on the skin so that you are able to look like porcelain but without a trace of shine. This is not only a classic look but also one that is timeless and can really complement the season’s themes of bold lips and Smokey eyes.


  • This new matte look is nothing like the complexion of the 90’s but it is fresher and comes with softer coverage.  The good thing with is that it is not dry looking.
  • Use a dual finish, and especially the powder finish foundation given its ease of application.

Graffiti Nails

Graffiti NailsNail art is a major part of fall makeup and is wildly popular among most trendsetters. Rather than spend countless hours figuring out a design, just use contrasting colour to apply on a squiggle. The trendy colours for this coming season are “The Lace is On” from Elsie. Remember to use the right coat to protect your artistic works.

Braided hair

Braided hairThis season, braids are literally everywhere and they also work in several different styles.


  • For work, just wear long plaits.
  • Another option for you is to weave tiny braids into the normal hairstyle of yours.
  • Alternatively, you can go for up-dos and braided chignons.

False Eyelashes

False EyelashesEyelashes can have a powerful effect, one of which is gorgeousness that can stay with you well after 3 weeks. By getting the right eyelash extension supplies, you will get your natural eyelashes thickened and lengthened, and the colour should complement your other colours and tones.


The above tips will make you look hot and sexy this fall. Remember to choose fall colours carefully so that the beauty in you can be bared.


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