Hottest Winter Outfits

Walking in a Winter Fashion Wonderland: The Hottest Winter Outfits

Are you suffering from a bad winter wardrobe? The cold weather shouldn’t bring your style down! Here are the hottest winter outfits to wear.

What’s your winter style?

Sure, you have your winter staples. But are they stylish enough? The fact that you’re here means you’re ready to spice up your wardrobe or at least add new pieces to keep you fashionable all winter long.

And to that we say, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the hottest winter outfits that will transform your wardrobe from tired to inspired.

Leopard Print Coat + An All Black Outfit

If you’ve been reading fashion blogs, then you know that animal prints are a huge winter style 2018 trend. And if you want to rock this trend, you can’t go wrong with a leopard print coat.

The problem, however, with this bold outerwear choice is it’s tricky to pull off. So if you want to keep it classy, you’ll have to keep everything else simple. An all-black outfit works great in this case.

Take it from Kate Moss. She knows a thing or two about rocking an all-black ensemble with a leopard-print topper.

Brown Is the New Black

Are you a fan of classic colors? The good news is brown is on trend this winter. And there are so many ways to add brown pieces to your winter wardrobe.

You can opt for a brown slip dress, which you can pair with a black turtleneck. Or you can go for brown boots instead of your usual black ones.

Another way to wear this trend is to go beyond clothes and choose brown accessories. We’re talking brown bags, earrings, scarves, and so on.

And if you’re feeling you already have a lot of brown stuff in your closet, you can pair them with vibrant colors such as fuschia. Try this winter look: a muted brown paired with a fuschia slip skirt.

Pretty Pleats

Pleats are another big winter fashion 2018 trend. But these aren’t your grandmother’s pleats. These are edgy pleats you shouldn’t wear with a delicate top.

If you’re looking for runway inspiration, we loved Balenciaga’s take on this trend, pairing fluffy sweaters with midi-pleated skirts and biker chains. So if this is something you’d like to try, we suggest going OTT with it.

Go for the real deal if you can. After all, a Balenciaga piece is a must have for any fashionista. But if you already have pleated skirts just waiting to be dusted off, bring them out and have fun styling them with different (and textured) tops.

Are Your Winter Outfits Instagram OOTD-Worthy?

With these winter outfits we’ve listed, you’ll get there soon enough. It’s all a matter of knowing the trends and infusing them with your personal style. And when in doubt, always remember that’s it’s better to be stylish than trendy.

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