Engagement Ring you Really Want

7 Tips to Drop a Hint about the Engagement Ring You Really Want

Are you looking to drop a hint about the engagement ring you really want, but don’t want to be annoying about it? Read on to learn how it’s done.

When it comes to engagement rings, most females know what they want. It’s something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so you’ve put a great deal of thought into it.

The average guy spends about 4 and a half months planning out all his proposal details. But you’ve been researching rings for much longer than this.

You’ve read through wedding magazines and scrolled Instagram. You’ve pinned the same ring over and over again on Pinterest.

Now you have to find a way to share all this with your significant other. Sometimes you need to leave a little trail of breadcrumbs to get the ring you have your heart set on.

Here’s the 7 right way to drop hints about the exact engagement ring you want on your finger.

1. Communicate the Basics

Your man isn’t a mind reader. Have your heart set on a certain style? Then you’ll need to provide him with some basic engagement ring knowledge.

Most men are a bit clueless when it comes to the countless varieties of ring styles you can buy. Before dropping any hints, be sure you know what you want in regards to ring style, shape, and setting. You’ll also want to select your preferred band material.

From there you can get more detailed and firm up decisions about carat, color, cut, and clarity. It helps to educate your future husband on all this so they know what to ask for when ring shopping.

You also want to be realistic when it comes to ring size and price. The average couple spends about $5,000 on a diamond ring. But this all depends on income and what the couple is comfortable spending.

Discuss ring budgeting together. Have your heart set on a huge rock? Be sure he has a ballpark idea of the costs so he has enough time to save up.

Other brides forgo a diamond for something less traditional. Gemstone engagement rings can be as impressive while being more cost-efficient.

It’s okay to let him know how much of a surprise you want the planning to be. Give him full details, a general description, or let him handle everything.

2. A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

Men are visual beings. You can tell them something a hundred times, or you can show them a picture once. Use this to your advantage when dropping hints about wedding rings.

Find some visuals of your favorite style and share it with him. Use magazine clippings or social media tags as inspiration. You can even point out the ring styles you like while watching your favorite TV show together.

Make it easy for him to save the information for later by sending it as a direct message. Include a link so he can easily do some research on his own.

Make it a fun game by leaving secret clues only meant for him. Leave pictures in hidden places, but be more creative than leaving it on his nightstand or on the fridge. Slip something in his wallet, inside an anniversary card, or in his toiletry bag.

3. Get Help from Google

If you have a preference for unique engagement rings, you may need to do a little internet research. Use his computer to search for custom or rare jewelers in your area.

The internet is a helpful tool for finding unique engagement ring ideas. Check well-known brand’s websites to see which engagement rings fit your style and budget. Manby men end up buying the ring online if it’s from a trusted source.

Be sure to leave the tab open on “accident” so he finds it next time he’s using his web browser. Or add his email to a local jeweler’s mailing list.

4. Make a Memorable Trip out of It

Turn an afternoon of window shopping into an unforgettable trip. Plan a mini vacation to a place where you can sneak in some ring shopping together.

Be sure he knows that there’s no pressure to buy anything. You’re only taking time to look at styles and try different sizes on. It will help to give him an idea of what you like.

New York City is home to Tiffany’s and the diamond district. Or head to Miami to check out James Allen or independent jewelers. Visit a location known for large diamond factories, like Los Angeles.

To make the trip seem more appealing, throw in some activities that he will enjoy. Tour a brewery, go for a hike, or catch a local sporting event. The new memories may help him remember what ring style you like best.

5. Use a Middle Man (Or Woman)

Sometimes you need a little backup when it comes to dropping engagement hints. Once you know he’s ready to start shopping around, get family and friends involved. This way they already have all your preferences should he ask around.

Be sure all the women in your life have the important details. Share pictures with sisters, best friends, your mom, and your future mother-in-law. Make sure they also know your ring size in case he asks.

You can also use other women as examples for sending a subtle message. Compliment a friend’s ring while he is sitting near you. Or comment on what you like about his best friend’s wife’s ring.

6. Timing Is Everything

There is an art to dropping hints about engagement rings and it all comes down to timing.

You don’t want to start dropping hints unless he has already mentioned wanting to get married. It’s best to wait until you’ve had “the talk” and both partners are on the same page.

Some men are more reserved and may need a little push in the right direction. Wait until a friend’s wedding to drop a few hints about what the future holds. Do a little digging, but don’t be too forward with his friends.

You also want to wait until he feels settled before you approach the subject. This may mean he wants to have a set career path first. Or he may want to live together before getting engaged.

7. Getting the Engagement Ring You’ve Always Wanted

It’s important to be honest about the type of engagement ring you imagine yourself wearing. Yet, it’s also a time to let the man in your life do a little digging and make a big decision. Find a balance between subtle hints and allowing him to plan a sweet surprise for you.

Many brides tend to let men take the reins for engagement rings. Then work together on a wedding band style. Follow this guide for finding the perfect wedding bands for your special day.


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